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Another day, another perspective, and what better place to share all the things I love to document than on my own blog in which I used to use every single day. Truth be told I've been on a hiatus for so long because of boredom. My creativity took a stump until I stumbled upon my one of my video cameras. Nothing could ever replace the love I have for my fingers raising across the keyboard but I've recently reignited a new passion of mine. Just for the record, here's an embarrassing story for the books, I used to do the news at my high school... and I've always had a secret love for broadcast journalism, just never pursued it, but you know what? You only have this one life so if you have a few minutes of curiosity to spare please click HERE and make your way to my YouTube channel. I would love to know what you think.

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Denim and Flowers: Gigi Hadid For Topshop Fall/Winter 2015-2016

 "You know who's going to give you the world? You are." - DVF
 Girl crushes here and there, but no one takes my heart away more than the girl duo Gigi Hadid and Miss Kendall Jenner. Although I'll take them solo too. There's nothing like an IT girl in her "model off duty" state. It's nothing but street style at it's finest. I feel like Topshop really captured this style by picking Gigi as there girl for there Fall/Winter collection.

Topshop Fall/Winter 2015-16
Photographer: Tyrone Lebon
Stylist: Kate Phelan

Model: Gigi Hadid



“There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir: We must rise and follow her, When from every hill of flame She calls, and calls each vagabond by name.”

I am so glad we live in a world where Octobers exist. I can't really pin point it but it's like a new year for me: new inspirations, new motivations, it's like, what's summer? I'm a really big fan of a lot of blogs, and I'm still mourning the loss of my Google Reader account. Starting these new series of posts allows me to share with myself (and if there's anyone else reading this) just a couple of the great things that this week consisted of:

1. I still have yet to finish #GirlBoss and the celebration of the paperback edition and tour. I almost got to catch her Union Sq. reading, but somehow ended up on top of The Standard Hotel.

2. I finally unpacked everything from my NYC visit last week, also is it time to go back yet?

3. There's a new baby coming May 2016 and I'm the auntie.

4. The first American Pie is on Netflix and I caved in and watched it (cue Blink- 182) Also I highly recommend Narcos, did someone say Pablo Escobar?

5. My business partner and I have the first designs for MS collection coming soon!

6.  Definitely making these over the weekend!

7. Have you watched the trailer for the Movie The Forest yet?

8. I had my doubts and totally hate pumpkin anything but I was curious and tried the Quest Pumpkin Pie bar, it's DELICIOUS.


Stay In Bed: Kim Kardashian for Vogue Spain August 2015


When there's so many haters 
and negative things, I really don't care.
Kim Kardashian  (and if we're being honest, it sounds better without the west) the all ever stumping queen... maybe that's why she keeps everyone mesmerized with her and her crazy life. She just IS. In other words, she's just herself and doesn't really give a single damn. How can I not extra love her especially now that she's semi entering the tech world. In all of her spotlight years, don't think we have ever seen miss West in such a calm state, not to mention a take on a different styling. How could we not share this Vogue Spain August 2015, a month late but definitely a favorite
Vogue Spain August 2015 Photographer: Theo Wenner Stylist: Stevie Dance Celebrity: Kim Kardashian West


Cake: Welcome To Girl Salad

"...not just physically but more mentally, have you already failed before you've even started" -Dad

I guess it's true what they say, you never do stray too far from your roots. No matter how many times you find yourself elsewhere, some how you always make your way back home. That's kind of how I feel with blogging, I took a break to grow and now I'm back. I have a new filter on the world that I want to share mostly for myself and with everyone else with love. For the most part I want to document some of my thoughts, and hope that you will join along!

There are so many badass ladies out there who have inspired me in some of my most difficult times (losing weight, and trying to get healthy) let's all motivate and learn from each other. Allow me to reintroduce myself on my next journey "... all I am interested in are real feelings, and real people, doing real things."

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

with love,