3 How To Pose Tips By Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima

At 15 this young brazilian hottie Adriana Lima was signed with Ford Models, and today at not even thirty she is considered to be one of the hottest woman on earth, with those eyes, killer body and angel hair, how can she not! She might even be topping off Kim Kardashian's luscious looks. So who better to get posing tips than this Victoria Secret's Angel and the exclusive interview The Daily Front Row got with this superstar.

It's an Angel-ic day indeed! Time for a few pointers on pouting properly and jutting out a hip just so. Adriana Lima knows a thing or two about making love to the camera, so Chic got some takeaway tips: 

What's the key to nailing your signature pose? "High heels definitely help. It defines your legs a lot! I don't like to be barefoot or in flat shoes."
Can we ever catch you wearing flats?"At home, but never when I'm working or when I want to feel feminine." 
Besides your choice of footwear, what else is necessary to pose like an Angel?"Your outfit and makeup affects how you feel. When I model for Victoria's Secret's "Angels" collection, everything is more delicate and lace-y, so my hair is more light and romantic. It's a different type of mood, a different pose."

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