6 Backstage Photos With The Make Up From The Kenzo Fall 2011 Show

Tom Pecheux (MAC): The makeup is very sophisticated but also very moody and emotional. The inspiration came from artist women like Georgia O’Keeffe, Frida Kahlo—their art was very strong, very powerful, but so were their personalities. So we’re doing a very strong eyebrow—like Frida Kahlo—but without the unibrow! And we’re doing a grey/green military color cream eyeshadow, applied with the finger, very smudgy; we’re  using this same technique with a very violet lip pencil on the mouth—MAC’s Borderline—almost like a stain. When the lip or the nail is perfectly done, it can completely change your attitude—this look is a little more loose, more relaxed.
Eugene Souleiman: The hair is pulled away from the face in a very boyish way—like a traditional man’s hairstyle, and the back is a complete contrast to the front—very feminine, a little Mexican, and some of the girls have flowers. They look quite handsome from the front…that’s kind of the feeling around at the moment, I think.

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