Dazed & Confused Magazine's Swatch Baby Countdown Begins: Who Is This French Hottie, Christophe Victoor?

As Dazed and Swatch prepare to launch its new cultural platform - created by a network of independent city editors across the globe - we start the countdown by talking to the French editor, Christophe Victoor

The Parisian-born, Parisian-based but consummate traveller Christophe Victoor(he’s just returned from fashion projects in Tokyo, Singapore and Los Angeles) is the precocious 20-year-old Paris City Editor of Satellite Voices, our new cultural platform created by independent editors across the globe, exploring the creative cultural revolutions in these unique cities that deserve the world’s attention. Brought to you by Dazed and Swatch, the site supports the very best in fashion, music, art, film and photography from a local perspective, Follow my blog with bloglovinwith global inspirations. Previously at Clark Magazine, stylist, journalist and creative director Christophe Victoor will be bringing a fresh new perspective on youth culture from the City of Light. Follow my blog with bloglovin

Dazed Digital: What’s your occupation?
Christophe Victoor:
 Freelance journalist and creative consultant, Le Pompon marketing and communications manager.
DD: Where do you live and work?
Christophe Victoor:
 Living in Le Marais in Paris, and working all over town!
DD: What inspires you about the area that you live and work in?
Christophe Victoor:
 The whole of Paris inspires me, its about the city’s traditional culture mixed with the undergrounds aspects that you can dig for.
DD: What is your favourite hidden city spot and why?
Christophe Victoor:
 La Poule au Pot, off Les Halles on Rue Vauvilliers. It’s a hidden restaurant with the best fried camembert and cherry marmalade ever.
DD: What can you find in your city that you can’t get anywhere else?
Christophe Victoor:
 An easy lifestyle, the best lunch breaks in the world and the prettiest architecture.
DD: How would you describe your personal work style?
Christophe Victoor:
 Very natural, digging for the little details.
DD: What projects are you working on at the moment and what’s next?
Christophe Victoor:
 Developing events with Le Pompon, expanding the space to the cinema and also fashion. I’m also starting to work on a new online magazine (from the founders of SLAMXHYPE) called Post-New which will be launching in the next few weeks.
DD: What’s your website?
Christophe Victoor:
Photo by Terry Richardson
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Satellite Voices launches on Thursday March 24

Source: Dazeddigital- Terence Teh

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