Kelly Cutrone Is Launching Her Own Clothing Line, The Electric Love Army

With a wicked tongue, evil isn't quite the right type of word to describe Kelly Cutrone, she has her New York Best Seller book, mentor to Whitney Port, she's the star of her own reality show, and now she's launching her clothing line called The Electric Love Army, and whatever else the details are with a name like this, I'll be sure to be covered in head to toe.

"[Kelly Cutrone] starting her own clothing line. And she’s calling it The Electric Love Army, which, honestly, is the best name for a new clothing line we’ve heard in a while.
But it’s not wholly Cutrone’s — she’ll be collaborating with Robyn Berkley, a partner at Cutrone’s public relations firm People’s Revolution, and venture capitalist Chris Burch. (For those of you who are curious, yes, Chris was once married to Tory Burch.)
Cutrone would only describe her clothing as sportswear that will be “affordable and fun” when WWD spoke to her about the line, but she does have a concrete idea of who she’s making clothes for. She wants her clothes to use pop culture references that appeal to brainy, sexy young women."

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