When High Heels Go Bad And Other New York Magazine Model Tips

It's okay when supermodels trip and fall in those ridiculously high pumps down the runway they're gorgeous enough for people to disregard, on the other hand for the rest of the fashionistas out there it is not attractive for anyone to have a trip and fall moment, nor look mildly constipated for not being able to completely and confidently strut through a party! So thanks to New York Mag for putting together these 5 runways tips!

1. Posture is key: back straight, chest forward, head up and shoulders back. 2. Tightening your stomach muscles will keep your core strong and prevent all of your weight from falling on your tootsies. 3. Take long strides and keep those knees from bending so you aren’t clopping down like Bigfoot. Try to place your heel and toe down at the same time, or your toe down first and then your heel (the opposite of walking in flats).  Walking heel to toe could snap a stiletto or an ankle. 4. Your knees are best friends, keep them close to each other. 5. To walk like a runway model, keep your upper body tight and strong but let your hips sway. You will walk with swagger and prevent that awful sharp pain in the balls of your feet that comes from stomping.

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