Why You Should Get Skinny In Your Underwear and 13 Bitchy Thinspiration Tips of The Day

Let's admit it Spring is here and summer is right around the corner... you don't need lying friends telling you, you look your best... when clearly we could look a lot hotter than those VS hotties! It's all up to your motivation, and measuring tape. Thinspo is your best friend. You think you’ve lost weight? Check out some fashion models or skinny celebrities online and you’ll realize that you can probably do better.

1. Chew sugar-free gum.  It curbs your appetite and keeps your mouth busy so you won’t want to put anything else in it.  Gives you fresh breath too

2. Eat to live, not live to eat.

3. When you feel the urge to eat, start by drinking a cup or two of water or a zero-calorie drink. See how you feel after five minutes. If you are still hungry, grab a low calorie snack.

4.Exercise in your underwear. They are far less forgiving than workout pants and can really motivate you to go for an extra ten minutes.

5. Eating five walnuts or eight almonds (approximately 65 calories) stimulates production of cholecystokinin, a hormone that slows your stomach from emptying so you feel fuller much longer

6. Drink ice cold water.  Your body has to burn calories to keep you body temperature up!

7. Drink water with the juice of one lemon before every meal.  Citrus shrinks your stomach and is a natural appetite suppressant.  And you get your Vitamin C which is a powerful detoxifier and helps strengthen your skin

8. Brush your teeth frequently – at least 3-4 times a day.  Not only will this give you a great smile and keep your breath fresh, but you’re much less likely to want a snack after brushing your teeth.

9. Put on dark-colored lipstick.  If you do, you’re not going to eat much – maybe not at all, because you don’t want to get smudges over your lips and face or on your teeth.  Apply more lipstick as the day goes on.  Stick to this plan and you’ll have the perfect excuse for not eating! 

10. Stop thinking that you’re deprived of that bite of chocolate or a cookie.  How about being deprived of the chance to get to a skinnier you or fit into that smaller dress?  Ever felt deprived of confidence of your body?  Give yourself that chance now.

11.COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE! It is a well known appetite suppressant.  I honestly never feel hungry with it.  The caffeine keeps you from feeling slow and lethargic when your calories are low and it hypes up your metabolism.  If you can’t drink it straight black, try it with non-fat milk and splenda.

12. paint your nails when you get one of those won’t go away cravings. If you use really thick layers of dark (dark dries slowest) polish (be sure to use base and top coat too!) it can take forever to dry – time where you literally can’t get anything to eat! 

13. Jelly Beans!  They’re 4 calories a bean and have zero fat!  They are a great pick me up with restricting because they give you a zap of energy.  

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