Editor In Chic: A Day In The Life Of Fashion Director Samantha Lim

As one of our favorite Fashion Muses on Blogture, today we get a special one on one opportunity to get into the funky mind of one of this industries' best fashion directors and editor, Samantha Lim. Let's just say this fashionista is on a whole different level of style, advice, and living the good life in none other than the fashion capital of the world.

Fashion Director of FashionIndie.com
Editor At Large of Lookbooks.com
Location: New York City 
Twitter: @iamsamlim

1. What does your day as the editor in chief of FashionIndie.com consist of?
A lot.  I wake up and filter through about one to two hundred press releases, the news, story leads, event recaps and pass them along to the team for the day's stories.  We have weekly and monthly editorial meetings to set the features and develop the month's daily contests, but there are always new current things popping in and popping up that it becomes a very high maintenance job.  My days are also filled with press previews, meeting with our brand partners, advertising partners, PR firms, and designers to potentially collaborate with.  I'm the Editor At Large for our sister site Lookbooks.com, so I'm often interviewing photographers, set designers, stylists, models, and agents for features on the site.  Then, every evening is usually full of 3-4 industry events that we attend to spread the word about the brand, catch up with our industry relationships, and support other brands.  It is usually 11 or 12 before I grab dinner, wind down, and do it all again, but I'm thinking about how I can grow and develop FashionIndie 24 hours a day.  

2. What was your first job in the fashion industry?
My first fashion internship was in the PR closet at a great contemporary brand.  I learned how the styling and editorial process worked and never quite wrapped my head around the fact that my "office" was inside of a giant closet. It was very Cher a la Clueless. My first real job in the industry was actually on the fashion team at a luxury brand investment firm.  The company partnered with brands that were looking for second stage growth in the luxury market. I learned all about fashion business, brand strategy, and how to position and analyze a brand in all sorts of different markets. It was the best training I could have gotten in the industry.    

3. Did you always want to work in fashion?
No, not at all actually.  I always had a love for writing and really getting into the nitty gritty of whatever it was I was interested in at the time.  Whether it be music, theater, or even science, I always wanted to know the process and history of everything.  When I started to learn about how complex the fashion industry was and how much of an impact it made on the world, I was hooked and knew I could never turn back.  

4. What is your favorite part about being the Editor of such a well known blog in the fashion industry?
The most gratifying part of this job is being able to provide creative, compelling content to so many engaged readers, get their feedback almost instantly, and continue to shape and create things that help people learn and get more involved in the fashion industry.  I also love working with other brands to provide readers with great prizes while also getting their message out there. 

5. What is the best advice you can give to an aspiring fashion editor?
Always keep your eyes open for inspiration. This means writing and reading all the time, picking the brains of other great minds, staying on top of technology and culture. It is also important to always be visually stimulated -- if you open my closet doors you will find hundreds of images torn from magazines taped inside that inspire me, and I have files stuffed with articles and letters from the editor from all the magazines that have inspired me over the years.  The more knowledgeable you are in fashion and fashion history, the more helpful it will be in your writing and editing. 

6. What makes a good intern?
Being proactive, never being late or missing a deadline, and always asking for more.  I don't necessarily have time to hold your hand through a day, so interns that always make me aware that they are working hard and that they want to learn more are the ones that are going to get the most love back!

7. Who do you consider your fashion Muse to be?
Kate Moss -- she is one of the biggest supermodels and style icons in the world, but goes against everything "standard" as a model and pulls off the ultra-glam look in a completely effortless, low maintenance way. Style is so innate in her, she is one of the greats.

8. What is your favorite fashion statement piece?
I love me a statement necklace.  You can be wearing an amazing dress, a t-shirt with jeans, or even just a swimsuit and a bold necklace can completely change the look.   

9. Who are your top 5 favorite designers?
- Alexander McQueen for his pure creative genius and embracement of the dark side 
- Isabel Marant for her downtown, Parisian cool vibe and easy to wear pieces 
- Christian Louboutin for building such an iconic shoe collection-- I'm addicted! 
- Balmain for their insane jackets and for making chic cocktail dresses look rocker girl cool
- Marchesa for their ultra glam heritage and belief that nothing sparkles too much 
 - Hermes for maintaining an air of luxury even in hard times--did you know that they used the color orange for their brand because it was the only color available during the war?  They took something that was unwanted, cheap, and in excess, and made it one of the most high-end symbols of luxury today.  We see an orange Hermes box, we know there is a treasure inside.  Their story is so inspirational. 

10. What is your perfect summer outfit?
Oversized sunnies, sky high wedges, tailored shorts, and a loose silk top or ultrafine sweater.  Pile on the jewelry with either stacked watches or a bundle of friendship bracelets, grab a carryall crossbody and we're good to go! 

11. What blogs do you read the most?
I love The Coveteur, Jak&Jil, and Kelly Wearstler's blog "My Vibe My Life" for inspiration, Style Correspondent for the latest on the men's side, Svpply for really unique products and gift ideas. 

12. Who are your favorite "tweeps" to follow on twitter?
I love Twitter for a quick laugh, so people that don't take it too seriously like Nicole Richie or Jordan Rubin are my favorite to follow.  Obviously I love FashionIndie and other tweets that keep me in the loop with the latest style news. 

13. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I see myself continuing to work with a great group of people, building something that makes a difference in the world and influences the creative industry.  

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