Exclusive Interview: Behind The Scenes Of The Ford Models Blog With Damien Neva

 Photography: Damien Neva

During my days as an editor at FashionIndie.com I was introduced to some pretty amazing and bizarre characters of the industry. Some were ridiculously good looking models, some were a little on the pretentious side, and then there were the blunt and my favorite witty behind the scene bloggers. That is why today, I’m happy I got the opportunity to interview Damien Neva- whose name you might recognize from our top 5 blogs to eat for breakfast story a while back- while he was roaming the beautiful men’s runway shows all the way in Milan. If there was ever a time you wanted to ask for some model advice… here’s the scoop from the man himself.

1. What does your day as the blogger for Ford Models consist of, and
what is your favorite part?
Plainly speaking, a typical day involves writing two pieces for the FordModels Blog.  Before I even begin writing I must source a story, which in the case of reviewing a magazine editorial means first buying the issue.  The interweb is awash with editorial images, but until the magazine is in my hands it won't go on the blog.  Exceptions of course exist, however when there's a cover story that simply cannot wait.  I pride the Ford Models Blog on its thoroughness and as such go to great lengths to get the whole story including creative credits, styling details, etc.  If that means I wait a little longer than what other blogs are doing, then all the better.  At least the Ford Models Blog will be distinguishable from any other blog.  I harbor no illusions about the blog's wider importance.  It's a fashion blog that happens to take models represented by Ford as its point of departure and is nothing more or less profound than that.

2. What inspires your oh so famous wit on the Ford Models twitter account?
Inspiration can be hard to find when being asked for the thirty-seventh time if there is an agency height requirement.  That said, I almost cannot resist when someone presents me with an open goal and will duly put the ball in the back of the net almost every time.

3. Did you always want to work in fashion?
No.  I originally wanted to be an English professor and by chance hired in at Ford as I was beginning my graduate school at NYU.  I have worked a long time at the agency and only in the last few years have I grown into my current role at Ford and, for that matter, fashion.

4. What was your first internship/job in the industry?
My first industry job was scanning model portfolios and putting them on the then nascent fordmodels.com.

5. What inspires your overall blogging?
I like to tell entertaining stories that will in turn make the model's role in them all the more memorable.  To simply post pictures brings nothing to an editorial that's not already in the magazine pages.  I want people to see the story in a new light.

6. Who are your top 5 favorite models?
Top five favorite models?  If you read the Ford Models Blog carefully over a period of time, then you should have a pretty good idea.  Mrs. Ford was once asked her favorite model during the shooting of an interview for which I was present.  She declined to answer lest the hundreds and hundreds of models she didn't mention feel badly.  I think that is a prudent response.

7. What advice do you have for aspiring models?
My advice to anyone wanting to be a model, is go to graduate school.

8. What are your favorite fashion blogs?
Business of Fashion is pretty tight.

9. Who are your favorite "tweeps" to follow on twitter?

10. Who are the artists that make up your perfect summer playlist?
Bosco Delrey, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Kode9 + Spaceape

11. Who do you consider your muses to be?
Hmm… that one is better left secret.

12. Describe your personal style in one word.

13. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In five years time I would like to be writing features for a major fashion publication.

Name: Damien Neva
Title: Ford Models News & Media Editor
Location: New York City
Twitter: @fordmodels

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