Interview: What It Takes To Be A Wicked Rebecca Minkoff Intern, Nicole Alyse Tells All

As one of our favorite street style gurus, Nicole Alyse is filled with even more fashion surprises. From rocking some of the best outfits in NYC, working on her personal brand Chelsea77, being one of the best thrifters in the world, and most importantly being a Minkette intern at Rebecca Minkoff, Nicole always stays humble and real, and tells Blogture all about this good life!

1. When did you get your first camera, and start taking photos?
My dad would buy my sister and I disposables for every holiday since I was maybe 6 or 7. Around 14 I got my first film SLR and first digital point and shoot, from there I was hooked. When I was 17 I finally bought my canon digital SLR. Now at 22, I'm back to disposables.. who knew?

2. What does your day as an intern at Rebecca Minkoff consist of, 
and what's your favorite part?
Finding new up and coming bloggers, blogging, tweeting, pulling bags, planning shoots, taking and editing photos, going to and putting on events.. the lists goes on! My favorite part would have to be actually interning for a company I truly adore and believe in. I would never support or put so much energy into something I didn't love. Everything that woman does is gold!

3. What inspires your fashion sense?
If I showed you photographs of my dad and his friends from his band days that would explain it in a second. He passed down to me my love for cut off shorts, rugged t-shirts, flannels, leather jackets, loads of silver rings and necklaces, crazy long blonde hair and crazy blonde moments from the 80's and my bohemian hippy side from the 70's.. bell's, anything long and flowy.. etc.

4. What is Chelsea77 all about?
To me, style is all about mixing new with old, which is exactly what Gregory and I do with Chelsea Hotel, 1977. We wanted to create a t-shirt line that was inspired by our love of authentic vintage t-shirts as well as inspired by the shirts bands wore back then- not re making band t-shirts what so ever! (can never touch the classics) Rather than just keeping it at our designs, we decided to have a vintage closet section as well where we'd offer cool old t-shirts we personally shop for. We'll be hitting the road this month for our cross country "Thrift tour" which we will be documenting the whole thing in photographs and putting out a book in the fall with tips, inspiration, and basically a guide for anyone who ventures to do the same! We'll also be posting items from each state/store we go to live while we're on the road! Just two gypsies on the road in motley crue t-shirts…

5.Describe your style in 1 word.

6. What is your perfect summer outfit?
Cutt offs and a t-shirt or a maxi vintage nightgown with a waist belt..

7. Who do you consider your fashion muses to be?
My dad, a bunch of classic bands from the 70's and 80's.. and their girlfriends, kate moss, mary-kate and ashley, hyde from that 70's show, jonny depp.. the list goes on.

9. Who are your favorite designers to wear?
Always vintage. A few of my favorite designer pieces in my closet though are by McQueen, Alexander Wang, and Elizabeth and James. Oh, and Jeffrey Campbell.. duh!

10. What fashion/intern/life advice do you have for your style fans?
Well, the other week all the interns sat in a circle and said our names and what college we are going to/went to.. When we got to me I just said Nicole, Graduated from the school of Every day I'm Hustlin University. Yes, I didn't go to college but If you work really hard and do what you love, opportunities will be endless. I'm proud of everything I've done in my short 22 years- I've learned from everything, all the good and the bad. I wouldn't have changed a single thing. Life is too short to stress over anything- wear what you like, travel, say how you feel, don't compare yourself to others.. work hard, take in and be grateful for everything. 

11. What is your favorite Rebecca Minkoff bag this week?
Bag? Who's thinking about bags after seeing that leather motorcycle jacket on Agyness Deyn for Elle magazine. Is it winter yet? I NEED THIS JACKET.

12. What artists make up your perfect summer playlist?
Born Ruffians, The Ramones, Bombay Bycle Club, The Drums, Third Eye Blind, Wheat, The Rolling Stones, Two Door Cinema Club, Cassino, Saves The Day, This Town Needs Guns, Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, The Summer We Went West, Whiskeytown..(the list goes on) basically what I will be putting on while I play DJ and Gregory drives this summer!

13. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I like to live my life day to day.. so planning is a bit scary to me. I want to get our clothing line more established and then do thrift tours every year for a longer time spanned than a month- that would be living the dream to me. Maybe be married and planning a family (I wanna be a MILF and I mean, in 5 years I'll be 27 going on 28.. clock's ticking) To me, working with a team in a office like at Rebecca Minkoff would also be wonderful in the long run. I'm a pretty happy and easy going girl, I could be happy in 5 years selling shoe laces on the beach if it meant I could just lay in the sun all day. I'm not too worried about anything. The universe will bring me where I need to be, It always has thus far.

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