Blogger Profile: Parisian Chic Chloe Vioz of Just One More

One of the best things about style is that it's so universal to anyone. Anyone knows a good outfit from a bad whether the language translation button is available or not. While strolling through my usual Facebook feeds, I came across a post about the very Parisian chic style blogger- Chloe Vioz. I think at this point there will definitely be a new blogger of the year... watch out Fashiontoast.

Name: Chloe Vioz
Location: France
Style Description: Eye candy, very simple but still leaves that thought provoking-esque to her outfits. She definitely knows how to make a lot of different outfits with the use of one item. I think anyone can really relate to her style.
Trademark: The one thing that really sets her blog apart from all others are the sketches that she adds at the end of every sequence of her outfit photos... We also really enjoy her approach on substituting her post titles to really good songs, let's just say my playlist has grown a ton!
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