Lost In Wanderlust In Pretty Amazing Shades Created By Blind Optix

As usual, after fashion week you just come to a point where you need a solid break from the city you're madly in love with. So I packed up a few of my favorite things and off I came to Texas, I didn't know when I was returning or what time I was even leaving for that matter... but I'm here now and as always I find the beauty of fashion everywhere! In this case I ended up downtown at Blind Optix's studio where they have the most amazing sunniez with the wildest names... my two favorites were the Bukowski's and Meow... kinda funny. But if you really want the full details about these Texas dream shades it's that they are ALL under $10... yep, I said that. Here's my very own lookbook of all my looks after the jump.

These are The Nadis... my favorite pair to keep!


 (press play, scroll, and enjoy)

 Caught a surprise shot of Nadia Baem, Co-owner of Blind Optix on her way to shipping out some deliveries!

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