Designer Muse Interview: Gillian Mahin & Laura Hall of For Love And Lemons

 Gillian Mahin & Laura Hall
 Title: Clothing Designers

 The true story of two best friends becoming successful life long business partners is a reality for designers Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall. Growing up the two began with a little lemonade stand in their hometown of Wyoming and from there it was a match made in fashion heaven! Today For Love and Lemons is all about being effortlessly chic, a go getter, in better terms the new tomboy! There's much more that lies ahead for, For Love and Lemons, just peep the details after the jump, and I promise they will be
  all you live for in your closet.

1. As life long best friends how did you and Laura first meet?
We first met in 6th grade in biology class. Laura was new at school so I took her under my wing and showed her the ropes of the new territory. From then on out we have been attached at the hip!

2. How and when did For Love and Lemons become a reality? 

Everyday we have to pinch ourselves and realize that it is reality! We are just living out our dream right now, so it never feels real. But if we had to chose a defining moment it would be when Ashley Tisdale bought our dress from Planet Blue and wore it to a red carpet event. Then we realized people actually like what we are doing!

3. Where are you currently based out of?
The headquarters are based out of downtown Los Angeles in the Arts district.

4. What everyday things or people inspire you and your one of a kind designs?

Our fabulous friends, and having good times always keeps us constantly inspired!

5. A typical work day at For Love and Lemons consists of:

It is always different. We usually have a million emails to go through first thing in the morning and then the rest of the day we are in fabric meetings or designing, or running around to our manufacturers in downtown LA to check on production. The fun days are when we do photoshoots, which we do about every two months!

6. Where do you discover all of your amazing materials?

We mostly outsource them to other countries, we find really beautiful unique fabrics that way. As for trims, we create them ourselves and have them made.

7. The best part you’ve experienced in your designing career?

Every time we finish a collection and have a photoshoot is when we truly feel rewarded, we get to see our clothes come to life and create something really unique. We have a blast too because we have the best team to work with.

8. Your favorite pieces from your collections at the moment? 

I absolutely adore, and live in, the kimonos. They can be dressed up or down, worn over a swimsuit. Laura's favorite piece is the Valeria Dress, and it looks darling on her.

9. What’s next for, For Love and Lemons? 

That's always a good question! You can definitely expect tons more far out collections, and we just might possibly be introducing some accessories in the near future, hint hint!

10. Currently inspiring you on your iPod? 

Right now I have a mix of Gotye, Lana Del Rey, Radiohead, Fiona Apple, Lykke Li, Masters of Reality, and some really random Parisian music! Kinda hits all the moods for the day!

11. Muses you would love to see your pieces on. (living or dead?) 

Well definitely Brigitte Bardot, of course Kate Moss, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Marylin Monroe(why not!), Oh boy, I could go on and on.

12. Your perfect out t for a Saturday night out?
Either a For Love & Lemons velvet burnout dress, or Leather Pants and a For Love & Lemons crop top!

13. Do you have any advice for young aspiring designers out there?

Just stay true to yourself and your design aesthetic, don't ever loose that and you will be successful!

14. As of this moment where do you see For Love and Lemons going 5 years from now?

Hopefully it just keeps growing internationally and we keep bringing awesome new collections that people enjoy!

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