Model Muse Interview: Alysha Nett Talks Fashion

Occupation: Model
Location: Philadelphia
Twitter: @alyshanett

As one of the most sought out models in the business, to one of the webs favorite sassy babes, Alysha Nett is quite the busy lady. Mostly known for her modeling and ridiculously good looks, it's safe to say all the girls want to be her and all the guys want to be with her. In addition to her looks, it's obvious this woman has a rad sense of style, and through one of her many trips of photographing and keeping busy, we were lucky enough to get her ins and outs on her personal style!

1. What does your everyday routine usually consist of while getting yourself ready for the day? 

Usually I start with my makeup, then hair, then my outfit. I’ll pick one thing that I want to wear and style around that piece.

2. What inspires your style and how would you describe it? 

I’m inspired by other people. Everything I see on the internet and in day to day life. I really appreciate the way men layer their clothing and I tend to take little pieces from outfits I’ve seen and blend them together to try to create something of my own. My personal style is a little erratic. It can be really girly, or really low key, or a little funny.. just depends on what sort of mood I’m in.

3. Who do you consider your style muses to be (living or dead?) 

I’ll forever be a fan of the Olson twins. I also really like Rihanna’s style. The classics for me, though, would be Edie Sedgwick or Audrey Hepburn. Two totally different styles but both manage to influence my own.

4. Do you have any favorite fashion blogs/bloggers you follow religiously? 

I like fashiontoast, manrepeller, the sartorialist, and the stylerookie. Most blogs I follow are photography blogs but with photography comes fashion so it’s a win/win.

5. What are your top spring fashion/beauty trends this season? 

Lots and lots of bangles/bracelets with my masculine Michael Kors watch. I’m also loving flirty, Marilyn Monroe-esque hair. Florals and pastels, no surprise there, but I enjoy mixing the feminine elements of the two with things like destroyed denim or a leather, pleated mini.

6. Your favorite items in your closet right now are: 

Denim vest, mid rise cigarette pants, ultra platform strappy sandals, leather motorcycle jacket

7. Your favorite designers/brands to wear on the reg. – 

designers/brands is always hard for me because a lot of my pieces are quirkly one-offs that I find at thrift stores, ha. I really like what dimepiece designs has out for spring right now. Alexander Wang always knows what he’s doing.

8. If you could live in another era, when would it be and why? 

It would have been really fun to live in the 60’s in the Factory. At least to time travel and experience it for a couple days. I actually love this time now that we’re living in but I feel like there would be constant inspiration with everything psychedelic happening around you.

9. Have you worked on any editorials for any fashion brands lately? 

I recently styled an editorial for Uncropped Magazine featuring pieces from DIY designer LukeVicious. I also shot a lookbook for a store in the lower east side called Grit N Glory just last week.

10. What are some projects you are currently working on? 

The main project I’m working on right now is my big move from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. On top of that I’ve been shooting for several publications and will have some fun projects coming out soon that I can’ really reveal right now they are awesome.

11. What do you consider the perfect outfit to be for a night out? 

For me, its just being around my favorite people and being dressed up. I love any excuse to be a girl and wear a cute dress or outfit. If dancing is involved then even better!

12. Songs/bands that currently make up your perfect playlist? 

Currently my perfect playlist includes: the weeknd, 2 chainz, kanye west, alexander spit’s entire mixtape- mansions, superhumanoids, m83, a$ap rocky, and I’m ready to hear some new stuff from the xx

13. One of the most memorable moments in your career so far has been? 

Interviewing artists at SXSW was a ton of fun. It was a new experience for me but was really rewarding.

14. Do you have any fashion/modeling/life advice for all of your young fans? 

Be yourself, love yourself, and trust yourself.

15. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

You know, its hard to say because a year ago I didn’t think I’d be moving to LA. Hopefully 5 years from now I’m bicoastal, living in both LA and NYC, working on a television show and continuing to live the dream.

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