Glitter & Gold: Interview With Le Style Child Rachel Schwartzmann

Rachel Schwartzmann isn't your average teenage blogger, Rachel is the creator of not only one, but two well known fashion blogs on Tumblr, The Style Line and Le Style Child. She's young, talented and without a doubt has a very wicked sense of style. She currently lives in NYC after having lived in over thirteen cities throughout her life and now attends the Fashion Institute of Technology right in the heart of Chelsea. Aside from her blogs she also contributes to major sites such as Huffington Post, Nasty Gal, the Jeffery Campbell blog and has even interned at Teen Vogue. A busy and brilliant lady with a lot more to come. So from advice to the perfect staple summer outfit, here's some Rachel Schwartzmann style scoop.

The Basics:

Age: 19

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

How would you describe your style in three words? Fashion-forward. Eclectic. Fun!


Favorite Designers to wear:
- To wear: Rebecca Minkoff, Karen London, ZARA, ASOS, H&M
- Designers I want to own and wear everyday on a regular basis: (In my dreams that is) Kate Spade, Mary Katrantzou, Charlotte Olympia, Carven, 3.1 Philip Lim, CHANEL, Jill Stuart, etc. etc. etc!!

Your perfect staple outfit for summer: I still believe in layering, so even if it’s just a cute simple sundress I’ll throw on a light blazer or blouse over my shoulders and some fun statement accessories.

Currently on repeat on your favorite playlist: Some Nights - FUN

Your favorite moment that you’ve experienced as a blogger to this point: I really had a blast during NYFW and WWDMAGIC. Aside from covering all of the amazing shows, during MAGIC I was a part of the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge where I and fourteen other bloggers participated in discussion panels on various subjects. It was such a great learning experience and it was rewarding in the sense that I was being listened to in advising brands on how to interact and utilize bloggers.

Who are your favorite bloggers to follow?
1. Atlantic-Pacific
2. Lust for Life
3. Chic Muse
4. The Man Repeller
5. Tuula Vintage

Favorite style muses:
1. The bloggers mentioned above and many more - To me they have the most interesting and personal take on the trends.
2. The Olsens (Kind of a no brainer)
3. Anna Dello Russo
4. Olivia Palermo
5. (Practically) any off-duty model... haha!

Beauty product you can’t live without: I usually just shop the Sephora brand so any of their black liquid eyeliners or matte red/pink lipsticks!

Favorite summer colors to wear: I’ve practically been living in every color of the rainbow but I’ll either sport an all pastel palette or neon palette outfit - Hardly ever do I mix the two!

Favorite NYC spots:
1. The High Line
2. Fanelli cafe in SoHo
3. Cafe Orlin on 2nd Ave
4. Astoria Park


How did Le Style Child & The Style Line start and what is the inspiration behind it all?

I created The Style Line in January 2011. I started it in hopes that it would become a  platform to showcase unseen artistic talent in New York City, which is where I’ve grown up for the past nine years. However since The Style Line’s inception, my vision and of course my reader’s needs and wants have changed. I decided to include international profiling in hopes that would inspire a much bigger amount of people, as opposed to only featuring New Yorkers - I didn’t and still don’t want people to think that New York City has to be the end result.

Le Style Child came six months later in May 2011. I was urged by friends and family to create a personal style blog, although I had been against the whole idea because I felt that facet of the blogging world had become overly-saturated- But I’ve really come to love it and it’s a way to showcase my personal experiences and document my style!

What is your absolute favorite part about being a blogger?

That’s a tough question! I guess, knowing that my voice and vision are being both embraced and accepted. I mean to hold such influence at a young age is truly humbling.

What’s up and coming for both of your blogs?
A lot... Can’t say what just yet!

Something your readers don’t know about you.
I struggled with some serious illnesses.

What are you hobbies aside from blogging?
I enjoy traveling! I’ve moved over 13 times and so naturally I’ve become accustomed to change and very curious about my surroundings. I’m excited, I’ll be traveling to New Mexico and Nevada in a few weeks!

What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?
(From The Style Line) From what I’ve learned about blogging thus far, there a few aspects to making a really successful and appealing blog and they are:

Content: First off know your content and by that I mean know what you want your blog to be centered around and what you will be primary writing and sharing with the public. There are a lot of common categories that we like to give blogs whether it be personal style or DIY, etc. But I’m telling you, if you know you’re content it’ll be much easier to establish your point of view and voice!

Quality: Do your best not to reproduce what’s already been done, and if you like what’s been done, twist it into your own perspective and way! Have quality commentary, and images - people will be drawn to your blog visually if you have clean writing and crystal- clear images (avoid pixelated or too small/large photos). You want to have a nice flow visually to first attract a potential reader.

Aesthetic: Kind of bridging off quality, it’s best to have a simple and clean layout that it’s easy to navigate. You don’t want people overwhelmed by too many in-your-face kind of images. As such, it’s important to follow the idea of “Less is more” but still add personal elements that represent you, your expression and the idea of your blog!

Tying all of three of these things together always remember this… Be confident! Have a confident voice and vision, because if you believe in what you’re saying, other people will too! Also, remember to blog and do whatever you do in life because you absolutely love it and can’t picture yourself doing anything else. Don’t just do it for followers, if you love what you’re doing, people will instinctively become attracted to that and follow and support you in your endeavors.

*Follow Rachel on Twitter/ Instagram: @TheStyleLine

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