Writing Stories On Firecracker Paper and Wildlife

I guess sometimes all you need is to get away from where you know, with what you know, to realize that your life is nothing but great   and is never as "bad" as it seems when it's piled under everyday dents.  Just a little something I realized this past weekend when a couple friends and I spontaneously picked up and drove about three hours out of our city to camp. Turns out it's all actually how I've seen it on tv, it was my first time out in the wilderness, but after living in NYC I think sleeping outdoors is a piece of cake. The weather wasn't on our side but that didn't really matter when it came to s'mores, good company, and the crazy amount of playlists we listened to. It was a scary/ rad feeling to not have any phone service for 24 hours.   

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xx, NV

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