Model Muse: Interview With Emily Carter of Ford Models

I remember first coming across Emily Carter in my days as a FashionIndie blogger back in 2010 when she was sixteen and had just been signed to Ford ModelsYears later today at eighteen years old she's still the raddest model I know! So, from her really sweet taste in music, to casting calls, Fashion Weeks, and traveling the world, here's a more one on one view at a day in the life of Emily.

+ The Basics:
·      Nickname: Em, M.C., EmCar (the list is endless..!)

·      Age: 18

·      Hometown: New York City

·      Occupation: Model, off-duty Student, babysitter, amateur writer, super amateur photographer

·      How would you describe your personal style in a few words? Simple, comfortable, black.

+ Model Talk:

NV:What does a day as Emily Carter usually consist of?
EC: Depends on where in the world I am! I usually have a few castings or a job. If I’m in another country I’ll explore museums, restaurants, markets etc. If I’m in NYC I’ll spend days off with my family.


NV:  What are some projects that you are currently working on right now in your modeling career?  
EC: Trying to travel as much as possible. I think this job gives me an incredible opportunity to see and learn about the world and I want to take advantage of that. 

NV: The best moment you have experienced in modeling so far?  
EC: Shooting a prom story for Teen Vogue. I got to wear big, poofy, pink gowns and tiaras! My one and only princess moment. 

NV: Favorite designers to wear/have worked with? 
EC:The Marc by Marc Jacobs team was really fun to work with! We shot for a couple days so I got to know everyone and it didn’t feel like work at all! I love Rag+Bone’s clothing and J.Crew has great basics but honestly my favorite outfit is my Aviator Nation sweatpants/sweatshirt. So incredibly soft and comfy. 

NV:  Aside from modeling what are your other hobbies/passions?  
EC:  Reading Russian fiction, watching old scary movies, writing, seeing art. 

NV: Where do you see yourself five years from now? 
EC:  Graduating from college!

·      NV: Do you have any advice for aspiring models? 
  EC: Be smart, be healthy, and don’t give up!

This & That:
·      NV: Favorite songs on repeat this week?  
  EC: White Dress-Kanye West, Free-Graffiti6, Pale Blue Eyes-The Velvet Underground

 NV: Favorite color: 
EC: Changes all the time but right now Pumpkin Orange! 

NV:  Who do you consider your style muses to be (living or dead)?  
EC: My mom! She always looks elegant and put together. Kate Moss has awesome style. It’s simple so it doesn’t distract from her magnetic personality.

NV:  Your favorite items in your closet right now are:  
EC: A leather jacket from Veda that I got for trade, simple black jeans from Rag+Bone that I wear pretty much everyday and boots from a French brand called Swildens…that’s basically my uniform!

NV: What are your top fall 2012 fashion/beauty trends this season? 
EC: I’m not exactly up to date on the trends but I love the idea of mixing prints. I wish I could pull it off! In terms of beauty trends Argan Oil is magical. I think dark plum lipstick is beautiful but every time I attempt it I end up wiping it off and opting for chapstick! Does quinoa count as a beauty trend? I could eat it for every meal.

NV:  If you could live in another era, when would it be and why?  
EC: Probably the mid 17th century/Enlightenment era. It’s such a fascinating time in history and it would be awesome to meet Locke, Voltaire, Newton, Descartes etc. That era completely changed the course of history so I imagine it would be an exciting time to be alive. In terms of fashion, I’d want to live in the 60’s. Women had gained a lot of rights and I think that translated to their style. A lot more daring and bold. 

NV: Favorite local NYC spots:  
EC: MoMA, Blue Bottle Coffee, Levain Bakery (Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies are other-worldly,) Tokyo 7 for vintage, Le Labo has the best smelling candles, Angelika theater always has interesting films and a cute café.

 For more Emily Carter follow her updates and travels via 
Twitter | Instagram

 Also, you can check out that FashionIndie post I was talking about earlier here: Model Lust Emily Carter Joins Ford Models


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