Wild Things & Vodka Bubblegum

It was another well spent/ solid Friday afternoon capturing 
shots in the most random places... In this case New Mexico, 
but with some help from friends and a twist of plaid inspirations 
 everything kinda flowed in all the right ways.  I'm just enjoying life's 
little essentials; now to get today's film developed.

Photography by: Cheetah Lens


Alina Anghel said...

amazing photos! love the shirt! xx

The Provocative Couture

Claudia said...

You're so pretty!:) I like ur glasses:):)

Thanks for following!!:*:*

Nora Fab said...

These are really great pictures!



Emmy said...

Love all the pics! Really digging the plaid shirt:) And TY for the follow. Following now on Bloglovin.

MrsBitchface said...

vodka bubblegum?? really?? i have to try that!


Jess said...

awesome shoot, wish i could find some cool graffiti around here ;P thanx for stopping by hun xo


Andeep Kaur said...

Great setting for your photographs! Love the flannel shirt!

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Naomi said...

These photos are amazing! I am now following you, would love it if you could check out my blog too and enter my 200 Follower: Vintage Giveaway! Naomi xxx


Breakfast at Cindi's said...

Great photos !
Love the outfits : )

Breakfast at Cindi’s