Friday's Finest: Interview & Video With Street Serpents Clothing Company

 Recently, I got the opportunity to talk with humble and passionate Garrett Huls, the 25 year old creative behind the sweet Texas based clothing company Street Serpents.  It's no wonder that with rad designs like these, good people, and motivation, the company is where it's at today.

+ The Basics:
·      Name: Garrett Huls
·      Age: 25
·      Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas
·      How would you describe your steez in three words? Authentic, Western, Krew Comb

+ Blog Talk
·      How did the name Street Serpents come to be, what was the inspiration behind it, and what are you all about?
o   Street Serpents evolved while  I was working for Mishka in Brooklyn. Moving from Texas to New York was a culture shock for me, but no matter how different everything was… people and creatures were still moving. Everyone had somewhere to be. Planes, trains and automobiles. Weaving through the streets. Slithering along the surface. In some cultures, the serpent is praised and considered a symbol of rebirth as it grows older and sheds its skin. Other cultures are threatened, as the serpent is quick to deliver a deadly bite. Street Serpents is dedicated to the individual pursuing his passion, whatever it may be. Creating his own path, willing to strike while defending what’s his.      
·      What does a day consist of while creating items for Street Serpents?
o   It’s usually a process of unhealthy frustration. The longer I spend on something, the more I hate it. My goal is simple. To make what I want to wear and be true to myself and others. I always spend the most time researching my concept. Then use pen and paper first and stay away from trends.
·      What has been the absolute best moment that you’ve experienced through Street Serpents?
o    Having this brand is constant satisfaction. It’s difficult to pinpoint a single absolute best moment, but I know I was flattered when I spotted multiple Street Serpent hats and shirts in the crowd of a Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the dead) festival in my hometown. 
·      What is up and coming for your brand?
o   We’ve been laying low during the 2012 holiday season. Mainly because I’m currently more focused on buying a new Harley. I can say that we ARE releasing our largest line yet sometime in February 2013. Also, my girlfriend Adri took over most of the shipping processes and our blog. She’s been a tremendous help to this brand.
·      Something that most people don’t know about you?
o    I design for a print shop full time and reserve my nights for SS and the gym. Very hermit-like.   
·      Aside from Street Serpents, what are your passions?
o   The straight edge, motorcycles, monster trucks, shooting guns… redneck stuff.
·      Do you have any advice for someone who wants to create their own brand?
o   Just Do It. Be careful who you allow to join your team. A lot of people want a free ride for your hard work.
·      Five years from now you want to…
o   Possibly reside in New York. Working for Street Serpents, or something similar, full time wherever I am.

+ This & That:
·      Currently, what are the last five songs you listened to:
It Aint Me, Babe – 
Johnny Cash
Big City – Merle Haggard
Tighten Up – 
The Black Keys
Everyday Hate – Madball
Breaking Free – Gorilla Biscuits
·      Favorite color(s): camo
·      What was for lunch today?
o   Beef, potatoes, carrots and green beans over white rice. PROTEIN BABY
·      Any favorite quotes:
o   "Oh what a tangled web you weave, when you practice to deceive." -Mom 
·      5 Things you can’t live without:
o   Food, water, oxygen, sugar and ideas.
·      Favorite local spots:
o   Papoos Place; where you can find nearly anything. Antiques, oddities or military surplus. A lot of reference material and inspiration for SS comes from Papoos place.

 Keep up with Garrett and what's to come for the brand on Instagram | Twitter | www.streetserpents.com 

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