Internet High: Interview With Keaton Kustler of Glamour Kills

I think you'll agree with me when I say that it takes a super rad and determined human to do what Keaton Kustler has managed to do at the prime age of 20. Currently, residing in New York City, she's managed to balance her last year of school, along side interning at various companies in the music industry, landing a social media job at Fuse; and today rocking it all at Glamour Kills with her wicked multi-colored hair. She's young, smart, sassy, and living a sweet life...

The Basics:

·      Nickname(s): Keat

·      Age: 20

·      Hometown: Boston, NY

·      Occupation: Lifestyle Marketing Coordinator at Glamour Kills Clothing

·      How would you describe your style in three words?
     Emo Mermaid-Thrift

Blog Talk:

·      What does a day in your shoes consist of?
·      8:00 AM- hit the snooze button
·      8:30 AM- Get out of bed, get dressed, do my hair
·      9:00 AM- Hop on the subway while doing my make up and head to work in Soho
·      9:30 AM- start the work day. Check google reader, tumblr, lookbook, chictopia, all of GK’s social networks & reply to customer questions
·      10:00 AM- Catch up with Kyle, the other half of the marketing staff about what I am working on for the day, what we are pushing out on social, what meetings we have, etc etc etc
·      2:30 PM- LUNCH! I am a late luncher! I think I am going to go to whole foods today
·      3:00pm-5:15 PM- Work work work/meetings
·      6:00 PM- CLASS @ Pace University
·      9:00 PM- Gym
·      11:00 PM- get home and pass out in bed while watching hulu

·      What does it mean to you to be a lifestyle marketing manager under the age of 25, and what would you say has been your favorite part of your job so far?
·      It means that all the years of hard work, and free work I’ve put in have paid off. It means that if you work hard and really focus, it is possible to be successful before you’re old and grey.
·      My favorite part about my job…well I have a few! 1) the awesome people I work with! Really, everyone rules. 2)Having the liberty to think the way I want to, and to be able to share my ideas as I work on creating a new piece of Glamour Kills’ overall marketing agenda, 3)Bands coming in to play acoustic sessions for our 90’s cover series. It rules.

·      What advice do you have for someone who wants to work in your field?

·      Work hard! You really need to prove that a) you know what you’re doing and b)that you can stand your ground and get things done without being intimidated.

·      Something most people don’t know about you is that…

·      I was a professional clown from ages 8-11…I competed in national clown competitons and everything.

·      Five years from now you want to…

·      Be happy, and fabulous….and able to walk in stilletos like a champ.

This & That:

·      Currently, what are the last five songs that you’ve listened to on your iPod:
1)  Freelance Whales – Follow Through
2)  How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1995)- You’re a mean one Mr Grinch
3)  Young Buffalo- Upstairs
4)  The Weakerthans- Left & Leaving
5)  Childhood- Blue Velvet
·      Style muses (living or dead): Gwen Stefani in her bubblegum pink jumpsuit, Madeline, Harriet The Spy, any drawing by Danny Brito (http://dannybrito.com)

·      Favorite color: Blues, Purples, and greens…aka the color of my hair.

·      What’s for lunch today? Whole Foods salad bar!

·      Will you be attending any music festivals soon? I hope so! I am focusing on graduation right now, but I hope to be at SXSW in March again!

·      On a Monday, your go-to outfit to the office is: My frye woven oxford shoes, tights, a skirt, a button down shirt underneath a band crewneck

·      Who are your favorite bloggers to follow?

·      Danny Brito, Synechdoche.tumblr.com fuckingyoung.es, my buddy Jono who plays in a band called The Swellers http://jonathandiener.tumblr.com, PS I Made this, Humans of New York.

·      What are your hobbies/passions on your downtime?
I just got into knitting! I am making a pretty big dent on a scarf right now. I like riding my bike, working out, sewing/making stuff (I recently made some rad studded bows).


 Favorite NYC spots: Thrift Shops: Atlantis Attic in Williamsburg, Reminsecence & Rags A Go Go, and the Buffalo Exchange near FIT in manhattan
·      Food: Pies & Thighs, Red Bamboo, Il Passatore, Inoteca, The Union Sq. Whole Foods Salad Bar. 

* Don't forget to keep up with more of Keaton on her personal Instagram & Twitter

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