Interview Session: Stacey Belko Being Honest

 "I wanted a place where I could stay connected to fashion & stay sane so to speak. Just a little escape from reality... "
I think that it's safe to say it's not just about being good at something, what ever that may be, but it's more about having a different filter on life that people can relate to, in this case fashion. Recently, I came across Pittsburgh fashion blogger Stacey Belko's blog devorelebeaumonstre, it was a breathe of fresh air apart from the usual flow of bloggers doing that same sassy slouch routine. I like to think that the best blogs to come across are the one's that aren't brewed up in New York City, there's just something more to them. And so obviously it's no wonder that Stacey's blog is so rad, she's super witty, wears sweet beanies and not to mention a gnarly sense of style all the way from Pittsburgh...

+ The Basics:  
·        Occupation:Blogger
·        Age:24
·        Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
·        Years you have been blogging: 2 years
·        How would you describe your style in three words?
This is always the hardest question. I think it’s just eclectic.
·        What does a day as Stacey Belko consist of?
Wake up, IV coffee into my veins, lay around with my cat, go out & brunch or lunch, emails, emails, more emails, IV whiskey into my veins, come home & have drunk Britney Spears dance parties in my kitchen, lay around with my cat, go to bed. It’s really exciting. But really, that’s not every day. Every day is a variation of those things, plus other things added in, & other things taken out. Just a whole lot of things.

+ Blog Talk
·        How did devorelebeaumonstre come to be, what was the inspiration behind it, and what are you all about?
I had just graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Marketing & some really shitty shit was going on in real life. I wanted a place where I could stay connected to fashion & stay sane so to speak. Just a little escape from reality & thus my little blog was born. As far as what I’m all about? Well, I really like cats & burritos. Potato chips too.
·        What is the absolute best thing about being a blogger?
Getting to meet a lot of sweet people.

·        What is something that your readers don’t know about you?
I hate pickles. They freak me out.
·        Aside from blogging what are your passions?
Fashion. I absolutely love fashion. 
·        Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion bloggers?
Just be yourself & do it because you want to. I get so many emails from people asking how to get free shit, or more followers, or paid sponsorships from companies. I think if that’s the only reason you want to get into blogging then you should quit while you’re ahead. Just do it for you & be yourself. & if the other stuff comes along well then that’s just a plus.
·        Five years from now you want to…
Be living in NYC.

+ This & That:
·        Designers/Brands To Wear: I just wear whatever. It doesn’t really depend on the brand, just if I like it. & I can’t really afford designers.
·        A perfect go-to outfit for fall:
Flannels & beanies with everything. That’s my lazy go-to outfit.
·        Currently the last five songs you’ve listened to:
Everything One Direction. Just kidding. Except not. Oh & when I’m not listening to shitty pop music I’ve had “Sex” by The 1975 on replay for the past few weeks.
·        Your favorite moment that you have experienced in your time being a blogger: NYFW. 
·        Top five shopping tips:
Online shopping all the way. That’s my only tip.
·        Favorite quotes:
"Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?"
·        Who do you consider your style muses to be (living or dead)? The Olsen twins fo sho. 
·        Beauty products you can’t live without: Missha BB Cream, Benefit Bad Gal Lash, MAC ‘Russian Red’ lipstick.
·        Any tattoos we should know about?
I have a peace sign on my middle finger knuckle that I got from my ex-boyfriend while wasted at a house party in someone’s kitchen at 4am. It’s so terrible looking.

·        Your favorite items in your closet right now are: Finsk pony hair wedge booties & a purple vintage dress.


·        Favorite local spots in your town: Well, I live about 30-45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh in a tiny country town that doesn’t even have a Starbucks. I mean, it’s that tiny. So, I’ll tell you my favorite spots in Pittsburgh instead. Fat Heads for burgers & onion rings. My mouth waters just thinking about their burgers & onion rings. & there’s a bench on Grand View Avenue on Mt. Washington that overlooks the city. I used to live a block away & would take a walk & sit there at 4 or 5am when I couldn’t sleep.

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