Denim Hangs & The Smell of Your Weird

 "My North isn't his North, we just go in different directions. I can't make sense of it or make light of it, or even make it something new." 
I honestly didn't realize how tired I was until about five hours ago when I got home from Sunday work hangs. I randomly fell asleep, and randomly woke up to find myself completely fine with the fact that I missed out on the party festivities of the night because it would probably mean that I wouldn't get this extra time to post these photos from the other day while off on my adventure to find the perfect denim jacket... which I found, and which is the epitome of denim sweetness. Lately, denim, plaid, water, and leather are all I want to live in... yes, water.


Dalia said...

Great scenery!
The Introverted Brunette

Sister Couture said...

such a cute outfit! love the acid wash! by the way i followed your blog! would love you to check out my blog! keep in touch x