Rad Giveaway: Firmoo has new May 2013 Arrivals

Hey guys, so in between my bizarre travels (ATX up next!) and my current addiction to having a personal trainer and getting ready for my pageant, I've also been given the awesome opportunity to be working with Firmoo. As a proud nerd who has worn glasses since my elementary school days it's always a really fun perk when you can choose from hundreds of different frame designs and colors instead of wearing the same old on your face, why not switch it up? Wearing glasses or sunnies should be fun, and Firmoo helps me do just that! Now you guys can win a free pair too! Especially since the May 2013 arrivals are available now! Let me know if you guys need help picking out a pair, the team over at Firmoo is all sorts of rad. Check out four of my favorite style after the jump.

Be sure to take your time and get your free glasses at http://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html 

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