Air Kisses: Hello Baby Lips Electro Collection

"I think there is "something about luxury - it's not something people need, but it's what they want."
So lately living in a world of neon seems like the only way to live. Oh you know, a neon Marc Jacobs tote for school purposes, neon workout sneakz, neon undies, and yes, even neon lipstick and or chap stick- especially on lazy days, aka school days when you'd much rather get an extra thirty on the cool side of your pillow than curling your hair. Well, the juicy lip peeps over at Maybelline have not only answered my mascara prayers but now they've created some juicy lip miracles by introducing BABY LIPS ELECTRO, keyword "electro." The good news is that they come in six gnarly electrifying shades from FIERCE N TANGY (neon yellow) to BERRY BOMB (lilac) and yes, I want them ALL. The bad news is that these colors are limited and they won't be available in normal stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS, you get the picture- until late July. What is that noise? I don't know either, but until then, can you say perfect summer choices!? Also, would it be appropriate to rock this chap stick at the gym?

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