soul searching

"Work from sunrise past sunset and on the weekends. Work until you want to cry. And don’t do anything for money. Do it for your happiness."

I guess you can say that recently I've been a little down because of my blog links connected to my old stories being broken. Today was a different story though, I woke up, forced myself to go to school and eventually got into the groove of things after the consumption of a very large iced coffee and some sweet hangs with my little sister who also happens to be my favorite person in the world. I'm really excited to start writing again (for the blog which I won't reveal till August!) and also updating this little babe once again. I really miss living in the city and my life there but I don't think I've been as happy as I have these passed few months after returning from my soul searching adventures in Paris. I'm completely obsessed with working out and that 4.0. I realized that I no longer want to write about this and that and everything that I used to document. I just want the in the now moments and what is real... doing a lot of growing up.


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