Stay Trill: How To Erase Your Ex's On The Internet

http://picasion.com/i/1UJGO/let's just say that it's not hard to be reminded why relationships are one of the best and also most difficult situations to be in. It's a love/ hate thing, but I guess that's why we can't live without them. These days I'm in a new and healthy relationship, but that doesn't mean I haven't had my fair share of assholes to help me figure out just what I never want in a guy again. Now I'm cordial with all of my ex's but at one point in my life, they were all filed under "Satan" in my book, and these were the moments that I wished the brains over at Clear Hart Digital the creators of the KillSwitch app had existed. The debut date is yet to happen but this is still considered to be in the top 5 greatest creations to ever exist on the internet. KillSwitch completely erases all digital tracks of your ex and stores them in some far away unknown universe for later years to come when you're ready to laugh about all of it or by some twist of fate you rekindle your love for each other... can you say genius? It's almost like an inspiration off of the second season of Girls HBO. If you are currently in a state of heart break I've got your back, add yourself to the notifying list right after the jump by clicking the word "awesome"!

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