French Champagne: My Weekend In Paris

 To travel and to love,
is to be happy...
It ought to be known that the preeminent thing that distinguishes a European man from an American man is his shoes, enough said. I honestly can't believe that it has taken me this long to share my weekend trip to Paris with you from November! I guess you can say that in a way it sometimes feels good to keep some things all to yourself for a little while before sharing it with the internet. It was a last minute trip- I made my way on a very long airplane ride- and let me first start off by saying that it was freezing but as always so inspiring and beautiful as usual. There is absolutely no place like it. My heart forever rests there. I started my year off in Paris and ended my year off in Paris, what more could a girl ask for in 2013?

there are more photos on my instagram just in case you need more! @nicolevardo

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