Long Hair & Girls That Smell Good

  Make me a fragrance that
smells like love...
About two days ago as I was strolling through the worst place on earth (the mall during holiday season) hating life aka the crowds of crazed people ready to spend serious amounts of money... I stumbled into Sephora on a mission to find my perfect winter scent. You know the one that smells just right on a really, really cold night? The first thing that caught my eye were these perfectly juxtaposed  set of bottles perfectly displayed in black and white. Created with love by the pharohist of girls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Naturally the white bottle smelled a lot lighter and sweeter, and for those on the dark side, the black bottle is a lot muskier. In all honestly I think that even if they smelled horrible, I would still buy the bottles just to complete my personal Elizabeth and James  collection. [ Sephora, $75 ]


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