Adore Me | Lace Underwear & Girls With Attitude

always wear fabulous underwear even if you are the only person who is going to see it...
I might not be the skinniest girl on the internet but while hangin' out in {Adore Me} lingerie, size doesn't really matter. Their sets are comfy, fit for any type of girl's style and body type, and most importantly affordable. Thank you so much to the lovely ladies at {Adore Me} for gifting The Blogture and I with the Espanola set-- which you can buy [right here.] It's lace, on lace, all black, with more lace, and the choice of boyshorts, so I couldn't be happier. On {their site} you can create a wishlist, personalize your account, and stock up on a ton of intimates around their rad sales and holiday seasons, because truth be told, a girl can never have too much lace or too much silk.

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