Deliciously Sweet: Interview With Cocohealth

"Wholesome, healthy cooking doesn't need to be complicated. I also think it's important to keep things exciting, who wants to eat boring food?! I love getting creative in the kitchen."
It's really quite amazing what you can come across on the internet, especially ridiculously wonderful looking foods. And if you have a love of cooking on the healthy side like myself then you'll love Cocohealth! I came across 22 year old Arielle's page while on a mission for new recipes to add to my week of meals, and well with the look of these dishes (and not to mention vegan chocolate) you'll be hooked too! Did I mention she's from Australia?

+ Hometown: Sydney, Australia

+ Age: 22

+ Three things you can’t live without: My family and friends (cliche, I know), my iPhone (self-proclaimed Instagram addict) and cacao (hello homemade chocolate!).

+ A normal day in the life for you consists of? I'm an early bird - usually up between 6-7am, get dressed, eat a quick brekky and out the door to spend the day at either my job at a law firm or to uni, where I'm studying Commerce/Law. I usually squeeze in some exercise when I get home - either a Bikram yoga class or a jog. And then I come home, (crash) and sleep!

+ Where do you get style inspiration from and how would you describe your personal style? I love Pinterest for fashion inspiration, and also follow a few Australian bloggers. Whilst I love watching fashion trends evolve, I would say my personal style is pretty classic. I tend to stick to basics.. maybe I should take more risks with my fashion like I do with food ;)

+ How did you get started cooking and what was the inspiration to start posting your recipes on instagram? I have always enjoyed cooking but had never really thought about sharing my recipes. Then one day I was procrastinating from a very boring constitutional law assignment and thus, Cocohealth was born. I remember my very first post was oatmeal with figs and bee pollen if I do recall correctly! Once I started and began connecting with other like-minded foodies via Instagram, I became more inspired to keep cooking and sharing my creations with the amazing community. 

+ Why do you think that people on the internet really take to your recipes? I try to keep my food as simple as possible, using ingredients that are easily accessible, affordable and found in most kitchens! Wholesome, healthy cooking doesn't need to be complicated. I also think it's important to keep things exciting, who wants to eat boring food?! I love getting creative in the kitchen.

+ A food that you possibly couldn’t live without? Vegan chocolate (my fave is Loving Earth caramel - too good! Or homemade).

+ Three years from now what would you have liked to accomplish in life? Hopefully in 3 years time I would have graduated and be practicing law in a field that I love. I would like to continue exploring my passion for health and food, as well as growing on my personal path to wellness.

+ Aside from making delicious food do you have any hobbies that you enjoy doing? I love Bikram yoga, going for walks by the beach with friends, spending time with family and hitting the town every once in a while to hit the dancefloor!

+ Currently playing on repeat on your favorite playlist? Oh god how do I choose?! Chet Faker's new album Built on Glass is currently on repeat though, every track is amazing!

+ Favorite quote: "Comparison is the thief of joy."

+ Up and coming cooking projects for you? Unfortunately nothing at the moment! Full time study and working doesn't leave too much time for fun cooking projects, but hopefully soon!

* there were too many delicious recipes to post, so just in case you want more follow coco health on Instagram: @cocohealth

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