Stay Gold: Interview with Babe Helanie Rose

"6" wedges, sheer black tights, skater skirt, off the shoulder crop top, & oversized sunglasses."
I always find it interesting the different things you could learn just by simply allowing yourself to listen to someone else's perspective. You can find a lot of inspiration in people and their unique styles, everyone has their own story to tell, and reasons as to why they choose to wear the things that they do. This week I had the chance to interview 20 year old Helaine Rose. She is not only gorgeous and has really rad sense of vintage personal style but she is also currently working on a lingerie company; The details are all after the jump, what do you think?

+ Age:  I am 20 years young.

+ Hometown: I was raised in Woodbury, Minnesota but I currently living in Phoenix, Arizona.

+ Occupation: I work from home as a seamstress.
+ Three things that you love: That's a tough one so probably nature, adventures, & love. 

+ How would you describe your personal style?: I would say a modern twist on vintage!

+ Why do you think that people on the internet really take to your style?: It's affordable and easily attainable with the right eye, what I wear flatters my body type which gives me a modest sex appeal. 

+ Current style muses living or dead: Everyone's style influences me in one way or another.

+ Your must have items for the perfect daytime outfit: 6" wedges, sheer black tights, skater skirt, off the shoulder crop top, & oversized sunglasses.

+ What is currently on repeat on your favorite playlist?: West Coast by Coconut Records.

+ Something that your followers don't know about you is: I have a tattoo on my right ankle that says "FUCK HEROIN," it is dedicated to someone very close to me who suffered from a serious addiction and now has overcome it and came out the other side a better person.

+ If you could live in another era when would it be and why?: As cliche as it may sound, I would live in the sixties. The style back then was very bold and basic, but the detailing was what gave each piece character. And I adore all vintage nicknacks because they look rad!

+ A favorite quote: "Stay Gold," it was my second tattoo and I got it done when I was fifteen.

+ What are some up and coming projects that you are working on?: I am currently working on a lingerie line, specifically bras for the itty bitty titties audience because I can relate to their struggle!

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