Friday's Finest: Interview with Lingerie Model and Actress Alyssa J. Smith

  “Nothing real can be threatened” - Eckhart Tolle

 Gracing us as Friday's finest is miss Alyssa J. Smith, she's a fitness/lingerie model, as well as actress (you might recognize her from Couple's Retreat). She's not only beautiful but has the brains along with an up and coming lingerie line. She's an inspiration and a great role model to all girls out there. Get all the details after the jump, from her fitness routine to her favorite style muses and not to mention she was named one of Esquire Magazine's top 50 hottest women of Instagram, here's the exclusive!

+ Hometown: Newport Beach, Southern California

+ Three things you can’t live without: Kombucha, dark chocolate and the beach.

+ A normal day in the life for you consists of?
First things first, coffee...followed by a gym session with my trainer. After that, I head to castings in South Beach and usually end up on the beach or somewhere like the Standard Hotel with friends until the sun goes down. I top the night off with dinner and drinks and then before you know it, it’s bed time!

+ How did you get started modeling and getting signed with Next and Wilhelmina?

 When I was 15 my best friend’s mom, who is a photographer, asked to shoot me for her portfolio. I was really awkward and didn’t like seeing myself in pictures at first. She sent our photos into the agencies and they offered me contracts. I remember being really confused with the concept of getting paid to take pictures. But I have her to thank for getting me started. 

+ What did you major in at USC?
 I got my Bachelor’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in Entertainment.

+ How does it feel to be one of Esquire Magazine’s top 50 hottest girls of Instagram?
 It feels extremely flattering. Especially since the rest of the girls on the list model for Victoria Secret or Sports Illustrated or have hundreds of thousands of followers. Then there is little me smack dab in the middle! I’ll take it!

+ What does your fitness/ diet routine consist of?

I try to work out three to four times a week. I do personal training, pilates, yoga and swimming. I don’t beat myself up if I miss a few days because that’s life. I try to eat pretty clean and stay away from dairy and gluten as much as possible. Again, I am not perfect and I cheat here and there.

+ Who are your style muses and where do you get style inspiration?

 These days I get a lot of style inspiration off instagram. But my ultimate style icon is always going to be Kate Moss. She has that effortless badass edge.

+ Something that your fans don’t know about you is:
I am smarter than I look. Oh, and I am funny. At least that is what my friends tell me.

+ The most memorable moment in your modeling/ acting career up to this point has been: 

Definitely filming “Couple’s Retreat” in Bora Bora a few years back. Not only was it my first acting audition and job, I got to travel to Tahiti and work alongside comedic geniuses like Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman and John Favreau. 

+ Three years from now what would you have liked to accomplish in life? 
I want to have a successful swimwear and lingerie line. It has been a passion of mine since I began modeling.

+ Aside from modeling and fitness do you have any hobbies that you enjoy doing?
 I love traveling. Whenever I can take time off work, I try to go on an adventure. It’s good for the soul and there are so many incredible places… I want to see them all!

+ Currently playing on repeat on your favorite playlist?

Flume by Bon Iver – Klukid Remix. I listened to it ever day on my trip to Saint Martin. It pumps me up and makes me smile. Check it out!

+ Favorite quote:
“Nothing real can be threated” - Eckhart Tolle
This quote is very personal to me. Especially since I constantly put myself out there on a daily basis. To me, it means that it doesn’t matter what people say or think as long as you know your truth.

+ Up and coming projects for you? 

Currently working on a swimwear capsule for next year! Stay tuned….

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