life lately: work + love

 "in all realms of life it takes courage to stretch our limits, express out power, and fulfill our potential. Sometimes our best successes come on the high-heels of failures."

How to describe life lately is like a major headache, but it sounds a lot like work and love. It's like everything just decided to smack me right in the face, web development school (part 100- which is what it feels like.) Training, running businesses, and my everyday job. Not to mention, I moved to a new home which is taking a lot of getting used to. In the words of Blink-182 "well I guess this is growing up."

 The highlights of my week was receiving my Adore Me surprise gift box which I will be posting later on this week, I seriously have loved everything that they have gifted me.... good idea or bad idea, ordering a corset? Second, highlight was my new pair of Nike Pro shorts because I'm pretty much obsessed with coral right about now.

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