Stay In Bed: Kim Kardashian for Vogue Spain August 2015


When there's so many haters 
and negative things, I really don't care.
Kim Kardashian  (and if we're being honest, it sounds better without the west) the all ever stumping queen... maybe that's why she keeps everyone mesmerized with her and her crazy life. She just IS. In other words, she's just herself and doesn't really give a single damn. How can I not extra love her especially now that she's semi entering the tech world. In all of her spotlight years, don't think we have ever seen miss West in such a calm state, not to mention a take on a different styling. How could we not share this Vogue Spain August 2015, a month late but definitely a favorite
Vogue Spain August 2015 Photographer: Theo Wenner Stylist: Stevie Dance Celebrity: Kim Kardashian West

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